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In recent months, we have seen a large increase in clients in need of our programs, but due to limited funds, they have had to be wait listed. In order to meet the increased demand for our services, VACCEB just launched our first crowdfunding campaign to raise $85k to support 40 refugee/immigrant clients and their families with food, housing, legal assistance, English classes, and ultimately getting jobs to support themselves and their families.

Please consider supporting our crowdfunding campaign!

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We have one of the lowest overhead among non-profits (i.e., 8-10%). Why? Because we spend almost everything we get on direct programming for our seniors and their families. We also have a very dedicated staff and super great volunteers who help augment our program support needs.
As you can see, we do terrific work in the community and are really enriching lives.
If you want to do a “feel good” gesture for the day…let us help you by taking your donation. Trust me … it’ll make us feel good too!
On behalf of our staff and volunteers, thank you sincerely for your consideration.

Patrons and Donors

Every year, we are supported by individuals, who donate to our organization. Whether it is during our fund-raising events or through unsolicited donations, we are very appreciative of every dollar whether large or small and put them to very good use supporting the needs of our community members.

We are dependent not only by the community’s monetary donations, but also by the hundreds of volunteer hours given freely by our community members. Donations go to support the non-profit organization’s operation and pays for our staff, utilities, insurance, van upkeep, gas and basic office supplies.

Please continue to support generously to our organization so we can keep the doors of the Center open for all.


As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the support of the community to carry out our mission. VACCEB is always in need of volunteers to help us with the many projects, classes, and events. Volunteering with us gives you the opportunity to see VACCEB in action and be part of the community.

Contact us at 510-891-9999 or info@vacceb.org.