Anti Crime

stop domestic violence

In the last few years, there have been crimes against our community members; especially those with limited English capabilities. The Center will continue to work with law enforcement, joining community groups tackling crime, and educating everyone to help keep our community members safe. In the months ahead, we will be putting on Anti-Crime workshops to help educate our seniors, refugees, and immigrants on strategies to keep safe. Look for the announcements for these Anti-Crime Workshops during the year.

As part of our anti-crime strategy, VACCEB will continue to provide up-to-date crime information and translate it into Vietnamese so our community members can stay informed about types of crimes in the neighborhood and areas to avoid due to unusual crime activities. We regularly post these on our bulletin board and hand out pieces of bilingual, up-to-date literature with this information.

In those instances where community members are victims of crime, our Center can act as the conduit between police and citizen. We continue to ask the police to regularly patrol the area immediately surrounding our Center in order to give our citizens needed assurance that the City of Oakland cares about their safety. We are asking members of our community to be on alert and to report suspicious behavior to us (510-891-9999 or so we can keep a log of such activities.
Working with us to prevent crime are funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Bloc Grant (CDBG) administered by the City of Oakland, the Asian Advisory Committee on Crime and Oakland Police Department’s Community Policing Program.

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