Health Awareness

Prevention and Wellness

Among Asian American groups in California, the Southeast Asian population has one
of the lowest rate for English proficiency. As a result, they have limited access to health-related information. VACCEB plays a vital role in assuring this population gets access to the health information that they need both for short-term wellness and long-term healthy outcomes.

To promote wellness and to address food security, the Vietnamese American Community Center offers four nutritious hot meals a week to our seniors and their families. The quality of these meals are ensured by our nutritionist who is knowledgeable about the nutritional standards and needs of our clients; especially our seniors.

To compliment our meal program and encourage our participants to eat healthy at home as well, VACCEB partners with the Alameda Food Bank. Our weekly, “brown bag” program provides free fresh vegetables and fruit to our participants to take home.

Additionally, quarterly workshops by our nutritionist shows our participants how to improve eating habits and how a healthy diet can help prevent disease and illness.

Twice a year to promote wellness, we host health fairs in collaboration with our community partners. Over 700 residents come to our health fairs every year. Among many screening activities are free flu shots, blood glucose checks, high blood pressure reviews, diabetic examinations of hands and feet, and bone density review. Residents come both for themselves and bring their children and elders.

Working closely with VACCEB to keep our community healthy are stellar organizations like:

Ethnic Health Institute (EHI)
Alta Bates Summit Asian Outreach
Cancer Prevention Institute of California
Toure University, School of Pharmacy
Nail Salon Collaborative
Asian Health Services (AHS)
Asian Community Mental Health Services (ACMHS)
Community Health for Asian Americans (CHAA)