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Job Placement

Program Overview:

Within the Pathway to Self-Sufficiency (PSS) program, VACCEB offers a wide range of free employment services to low-income immigrants and refugees, including:
Resume and cover letter creation
Assistance with online job searches and filling out job applications
Direct job placement at local partner employers
Mock interviews
Ongoing employment-related support
Our PSS clients range from ages 18 to 65; some clients have extensive job experience and some are youth that have just finished high school. We help all clients find jobs that help them support their basic living expenses, support their families, and save up for college tuition.
Where it is appropriate, we are exploring “crowd placement” with our partner employers, where multiple clients are placed with a single employer. This placement model provides important psychological support to immigrant clients resulting in higher retention rates, efficiencies within our placement process, and an economic way for employers to do hiring and on-boarding training.
hanna_client1 If you are an immigrant or refugee looking for a job, please contact Hanna Morris, the Employment Counselor, at 510-854-7012 or hmorris@vacceb.org to schedule an appointment.
If you are a local business interested in employing our PSS clients, please contact Hanna Morris, the Employment Counselor at 510-854-7012 or hmorris@vacceb.org and she would be happy to talk with you about if a partnership would be a good mutual fit.
The PSS program is kindly supported by the following funders:
yh_sodafoundation   actionpartnership