Refugee and Immigrant Employment Program

The County of Alameda’s Target Assistance program is dedicated to helping refugees assimilate and adjust to American society. The focus of this program is to provide employment placement assistance to new arrivals and to help them find gainful employment before their benefits run out. Designed as a two-year program (2013-2015), we have already placed ten twelve refugees in part-time and full time jobs.

To facilitate the employment effort and to expand services to include the immigrant population, we have received financial support from the Y&H Soda Foundation. This funding supported our Path to Self-Sufficiency (PSS) program and enabled us to build a solid progressive path for refugees and immigrants with a specific goal of achieving gainful employment. Funding provided has been for Vocational ESL, client assessments, and employment outreach and placement counseling services to help increase the likelihood of job placements for our new arrivals. We are very grateful to the Y&H Soda Foundation for their confidence in our ability to perform on behalf of our community members and look forward to building a model for self-sufficiency. We have worked with Y&H over the last three years (2013-2016) and have consistently met our goal of placing 20 unemployed immigrants in full time jobs and in the process help to support entire family units.

In addition to the above, we were fortunate to get funding from the Alameda County-Oakland Community Action Partnership to help support the PSS program and to provide service to an additional 20 unemployed immigrants (2016-2017). We are on track to meet our employment placement goals and look forward to making a real difference in getting our immigrants employed and supporting their families.

We thank all of our funders for helping our community members find gainful employment and getting rapidly assimilated into American society.