Meal Program

Senior Nutritious Meals, Life Enrichment, and Education Programs

Our partnership with the County of Alameda’s Area Agency for Aging has been long and exceedingly beneficial to the welfare of our seniors with respect to nutritious meals, life enriching activities, and educational program on health and crime prevention. This past year, we have been selected again for another four years (2014-2018) to provide these services. This is very good news as it provides some financial stability for our senior programming.

Our relationship with the County of Alameda continues to be enhanced with the funding contributions by the Community Foundation for the Bay Area under the East Bay Foundation on Aging funded by the San Francisco Foundation and the City of Oakland’s Department of Human Services program for the elderly.

This year, we also got funding from the Lowell Berry Foundation’s Social Service Grant to help cover costs associated with our driver and janitorial services, which helps us to pick up food from the Alameda Food Bank and to pay for clean up after our nutritious lunch program.

Together with our partners, we have served over 10,000 nutritious meals during the year to seniors and their families four days a week.

To compliment our nutritious meal program, we also partnered with the Alameda Food Bank passing out 3500+ “brown bags” so our seniors and their families can have weekly access to fresh fruits and vegetables available to them when they go home.

This collective effort by public agencies, private donors and companies, and foundations is a good illustration of what can be accomplished to address food security and to facilitate independent living for as long as possible for our seniors.