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Recreation & Leisure

VACCEB’s programs provide a web of wraparound services for our community. Among these services are our recreational and leisure activities aimed at enhancing the quality of life and preserving the Southeast Asian culture and traditions. For example, our seniors have enjoyed field trips to the Monterey Aquarium and the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, computer literacy and photography classes as well as fitness classes like yoga, dancing and Taichi.

We also have monthly birthday celebrations and holiday events, knitting classes for women, and other socializing activities such as chess, karaoke and movies.

Many of our community members are proud volunteers for our organization. They help in the kitchen (serving 10,000+ meals annually), attend community meetings and events, plan birthday celebrations and senior field trips, coordinate weekend activities, participate in our Golden Gate Fields fundraising events, and provide administration assistance for our office. These activities help to foster and strengthen friendships among our seniors, but most importantly, help to keep our community active alert and engaged.